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Communication types as channels
Tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack allow messages to be categorised into 'channels' per team: Channels are usually used to categorise conversations in terms of content, as in the example above: 'Marketing' or 'Performance'. Compare it a bit with the folders we create in our email to sort incoming mail. As we [...]

Digital Communication Style

A large part of the working population learned to write business letters in a formal way during their studies. We still find traces of this in our e-mails today. Now this style is further reflected in the language used on social technology (such as digital collaboration tools). The sentences used are complex, the messages are long and usually not easy to read. This style does not suit this 'fast' medium. Social technology requires a different style: fast, efficient and 'to the point'. This does not mean that we have to use informal language. But there is a need for a new formal communication style, that is what I mean by 'digital communication style'. A typical message from someone with little experience with social technology looks like this:

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Op 20 maart 2019 publiceerde een begeleidende tekst van mij voor mijn boek ‘De Netwerkexpeditie’. Ik herneem hier deze tekst: Er is een grote keuze aan tools die omschreven worden als sociale technologie: Workplace by Faceboek, Jive, Connections, Microsoft Teams en Yammer, … deze lijst is zeker niet volledig. Hoe maak je de invoering […]